Here at Covet Polewear, we are with you feeling those major pole class withdrawals.
Instead of suffering alone, why not check out some of these amazing pole tutorial channels.  We have collected our top 5 pole teacher channels, full of amazing free tutorials, tips, tricks and conditioning exercises. 


1. Elizabeth Blanchard 

Elizabeths channel features an awesome source of mixed level tricks and tutorials. Not only are her explanations incredibly in depth but you can find videos suited to your level using her easy to navigate playlists.  Find her on Instagram here at @elizabeth_bfit


2. Sandra Beeston 

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Sandra channel features some awesome pole trick and floorwork tutorials, as well as some excellent polewear and accessory reviews. Find her on Instagram @sandra.beeston

3. The Pole Dancer

Miglena from the Pole Dancer, has an amazing selection of videos focusing on smooth elegant movement and lyrical flow. Her choreography videos and combos serve as an endless supply of inspiration. @miglena_thepoledancer

4. Lara Joh

Perfect for our exotic lovers missing their dance classes. Lara Joh's channel specialises in all things heels and Floorwork. Pick up some sexy floorwork basics and choreo on her channel.  @lara.joh

 5. Pole Freaks

If you haven't heard of Holly from Pole freaks, its about time you head over to her channel. Her channel features a bunch of tips and tricks for all levels, as well as heaps of content on nailing those essential moves.  @polefreaks


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